Drew Peterson

The former Illinois cop was serving time for his third wife's murder when he tried to kill the prosecutor who convicted him, a jury found Tuesday.
In February 2013, Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio during
If he lives for the entirety of his sentence, he will be 97 years old by the time of its completion. He faced a maximum sentence
There was certainly no shortage of homicides committed by mass shooters in 2012, with the final month of the year resulting
The ongoing spat between Peterson's attorneys has been dramatic to say the least. In September, Greenberg described Brodsky
Jurors in Peterson's murder trial weren't supposed to link her disappearance to Savio's death, and prosecutors were prohibited
A teary-eyed Joel Brodsky denied he had been crying, then repeatedly insisted he was not fired from wife-killer Drew Peterson's
Morphey was absent throughout Peterson's entire five-week murder trial, and never visited Peterson over the three and a half
A Naperville lawyer filed court papers blaming Drew Peterson's lead attorney Joel Brodsky for blowing the Drew Peterson case
The nasty bickering between Drew Peterson's lawyers took a suprise twist Thursday when an attorney he supposedly fired managed
The "lead" attorney on Drew Peterson's defense team is an "obnoxious," "mumbling, fumbling and bumbling," "childish" liar
Less than a week after going down for murder in one of the most sensational criminal case in the state's history, Drew Peterson
Peterson could now face up to 60 years behind bars, the Associated Press reports. Kathleen Savio's brother, Nick Savio, grew
Patch obtained the list of approved visitors for Drew Peterson at the Will County jail, as well as an account of each person
You can lock Drew Peterson up for years, but you can’t stop him from sweet-talking the ladies on the outside. Peterson, the
Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reports that Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since
Former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson will face a final hearing Wednesday before jury selection begins for his
Calling the bathtub in which Drew Peterson's third wife was found drowned a "murder weapon," a prosecutor argued Tuesday
Drew Peterson's lawyers convinced a Will County judge to let them look at expunged battery cases brought against the former