A campaign event for Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales took an unexpected turn.
Authorities don't know where the drones come from, where they go or what they're doing.
It's the latest escalation in a tense standoff between Washington and Tehran.
Iran's Revolutionary Guard claims the drone was flying over southern Iran. A U.S. official said it was shot down in international airspace.
The machines are coating bird eggs with oil so they won't hatch to feast on dwindling desert tortoise populations.
The facilities are investing millions to prevent future flight disruption.
A growing army of online volunteers is poring over photos to find any trace of the young woman.
Government officials said the explosions occurred near President Nicolás Maduro during a televised speech.
Johnny Miller uses drones to capture images of places touched by wealth and opportunity that lie shockingly close to underserved communities.
An official said the drones livestreamed video while they buzzed over the agents.