Drug Policy

"In the long run, there’s going to be an increased need for treatment.”
The arrests culminate a lengthy operation called "Project Python" targeting Jalisco New Generation Cartel members.
Palforzia is the first treatment approved by the FDA for peanut allergies. But when will it be ready — and what will it cost?
Investigators said the suspect admitted that she tried to use the dog urine as her own sample.
He is suspected of protecting organized crime and aiding the attack.
The comedian's Colombian cartel joke riled Twitter, and he appeared to name the wrong costume winner -- but was later redeemed.
The arrests come nearly a month after three women and six children were gunned down and their bodies were set afire.
Following the president's announcement, Mexico's foreign ministry said it would quickly seek a meeting with State Department officials to address the change.
Devin Blake Langford was one of the few children who emerged uninjured after a highway massacre killed nine members of his community.
Billions are spent on it each year, but people need more flexible options and timelines.
Before you get spooked, better scare up some documents first.
States can now require laid-off workers to pee in cups in order to receive unemployment benefits.
The NBA guard playfully hinted that the timing might not be a coincidence.
Federal officials say the artist was sold fentanyl-laced pills shortly before his 2018 death.
Scientists sued the DEA when it didn't follow through on its 2016 promise to allow more growers to supply cannabis for research.
A proposed regulation would let states test some workers, but it's not clear how many would meet the criteria.
The former Ohio University standout was handed a two-year suspension from FIBA for failing a drug test.
Brazilian drug trafficker Clauvino da Silva attempted to switch places with the 19-year-old by wearing a silicone mask and a wig, according to authorities.
Officers seized 13 tons of the drug worth $350 million dollars in a series of operations in the eastern Pacific.
The Marines were taken into custody in a "public display" at Camp Pendleton, California.