Drug Policy

The explanations for the drop could include shifts in the drug supply, and the expansion of overdose prevention and addiction treatment.
The baby's mother told police she was unaware her husband had smoked the hallucinogen, sometimes known as "angel dust."
The "Rust" actor, who's indicted on an involuntary manslaughter charge, reflected on his early days in Hollywood during a revealing chat.
The federal agency had long considered weed to be as dangerous as heroin.
"The guy with glazed eyes neglected to tell me that the beginning dose should be no larger than half of a grain of rice."
Twenty-one Democrats urged the Drug Enforcement Administration to deschedule weed and "resolve more than 50 years of failed, racially discriminatory marijuana policy."
“No one should go to jail for smoking weed,” the vice president said.
U.S. prosecutors say Juan Orlando Hernández conspired with drug traffickers, his military and police to move tons of cocaine dating back to 2004.
The singer also talked about how her aerial act forced her to take a look at her relationship with drinking.