Dylann Roof

The Christchurch massacre was built on existing far-right memes that fueled a live-streaming gunman's viral aspirations.
YouTube still carries videos featuring the neo-Nazi hate monger, and Amazon still sells his books.
Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, 31, pleaded guilty to a single federal charge after being arrested in an FBI sting.
The shooting survivors sued the government over the failure of an FBI-run background check system to prevent the purchase of the murder weapon.
The movement to remove the monuments began after white nationalist Dylann Roof killed nine black parishioners in a South Carolina.
On Snapchat, 18-year-old Morgan Roof said she hoped the protests were "a trap and y'all get shot."
An admirer of Dylann Roof who bought a gun from the FBI said he wanted to do something on a "f**king big scale."
It has to be evidence-based, pragmatic and include a working knowledge of firearms.
The court-appointed attorneys are working with Roof, who killed nine people in a Charleston church in 2015, to appeal a federal death sentence.
In opening our church's free mental health clinic, we are filling a void often left unattended by the Black clergy.
Domestic terrorism is the threat that Americans seem determined to ignore.
He is due to enter his plea on April 10.
Hello. Join us in introducing the shit to the fan.
Every person is made in the image of God ― including me, my wife, my daughter and Dylann Roof. There is nothing that I can