A cloud of gas and ash from Wolf Volcano rose to 3,793 meters (12,444 feet) above sea level following the eruption that began shortly before midnight Wednesday local time.
Authorities said that two groups were trying to gain “criminal leadership within the detention centers” and 800 police officers have been helping to regain control.
Nemonte Nenquimo, lauded by Leonardo DiCaprio for her work protecting Ecuador's Amazon, speaks about her life, activism and motherhood.
“I was suspicious, but it was tasty,” one skeptical customer told the Associated Press.
The WikiLeaks founder's supporters range from Ecuador's former president to actress Pamela Anderson.
A British judge also found the WikiLeaks founder guilty on previous bail charges.
Ecuador is in talks to kick the WikiLeaks founder out of its embassy in London, according to The Intercept.
The pizza deliverer's arrest "does nothing to make us safer."
Julian Assange has been stripped of his internet access for violating the terms of the asylum.
Groups say the nation is home to unlicensed rehab clinics that believe homosexuality is a mental illness.