Election Day

Incumbent Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel won reelection Tuesday after defeating progressive rival Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia in a historic runoff election.
Small-scale hiccups hit a few local and state governments.
After next week, the awe-inspiring phenomenon will not occur again for about three years.
Georgia's Republican-backed voting laws make voting by mail tough to navigate.
For many Americans living in states with strict voter suppression laws, Election Day is their only chance to cast a ballot.
How has President Donald Trump shifted the fight for racial equality in the U.S.? Emory University Professors Carol Anderson and Andra Gillespie and HuffPost’s own Rowaida Abdelaziz reflect on the effect of a Trump presidency.
Ed Gainey won the democratic primary and is all but assured a victory in the general election in November.
The California gubernatorial candidate told CNN she "couldn’t get excited about" Election Day, but Los Angeles County election records show she did vote.
The president-elect and his team have steered at least $18 million to help Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock try to unseat Republican Sens
They're vowing to crack down on mail ballots and threatening to roll back steps that made it easier for people to vote.