Election Interference

The Kremlin favored Trump in the 2016 election, the Senate Intelligence Committee affirmed in a new report.
“My message to Putin is clear: stay out of American elections," Sanders said on Friday after news surfaced of new Russian interference.
Democrats said they were "stunned" by the argument delivered by White House deputy counsel Patrick Philbin on the Senate floor.
"They have said very blatantly, very clearly, that they intend to be accomplices for misleading the American people, with money from God knows where."
As foreign governments continue to attack U.S. elections, state and local officials are becoming the primary defenders of American democracy.
Reddit said in a statement that it has banned 61 accounts suspected of violating policies against vote manipulation.
The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "inexplicable" decision to withhold the information.
The comments, first reported by The Washington Post, allegedly came during a 2017 Oval Office meeting with two Russian officials.
The Senate majority leader blocked two measures to ward off foreign meddling amid ongoing concerns over the threat of Russian interference.