Election Polls

Biden won 16 of Hawaii's delegates while Se. Bernie Sanders, who dropped out of the race in April, will take eight.
Few see the possibility of a return to normal during the pandemic, but there's a bloc of support for partially easing some limitations on business and activities.
If there's a culture war over masks, someone forgot to tell most of the public, a new survey finds.
A new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds some Americans ready for a partial reopening, but few ready to resume life as normal.
Support for stay-at-home orders has fallen from its peak, but remains the majority position.
Voters in both parties have seen their fervor about the contest dip since the coronavirus pandemic hit.
Most Republicans also think Trump supports stay-at-home orders, a new survey finds.
The public continues to see immigration as a boon to the U.S., but most also see restrictions as at least somewhat effective in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak.
One-third of white evangelical Protestants think churches should be allowed to flout stay-at-home orders, a new PRRI survey suggests.
A new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds broad, continuing support for state stay-at-home orders.