Election Polls

About 3 in 4 survey respondents believe global warming is happening, and more than half agree that we are being harmed by climate change “right now.”
A new poll found that 65% of adults don't support the Texas ban, and 60% want the Supreme Court to uphold Roe v. Wade.
Only a third of Americans say they think the president is "too extreme."
Among the public at large, less than a third say they think the ex-president did enough to condemn the siege of the U.S. Capitol by his supporters.
In a new HuffPost/YouGov survey, Americans look back at everything they've lost since the coronavirus took hold in the country last year.
"More money" may be an easier message to sell than "bipartisanship," a new HuffPost/YouGov survey on coronavirus relief finds.
Republicans remain more likely to define themselves as Trump supporters than supporters of his party, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds.
Donald Trump's presidency was marked by stable, negative ratings. Biden starts out with a broader pool of potential supporters.
A new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds little faith in the U.S. system of government — or in the wisdom of other Americans.
Most backers of the new president expect him to make an effort at bipartisanship, a new survey finds.
The share who say they approve of the siege has fallen since last week, a HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.
Only about one-fifth of voters think President Trump's tweets have generally helped his cause, a new survey finds.
By a roughly 2-to-1 margin, Americans say the president didn't do enough to denounce his supporters' actions, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.
There's little data ― and a lot of room for caution ― about public opinion on the two elections.
Democratic voters are more likely than Republicans to say their side should prepare to compromise, a new survey finds.
Republican Trump voters are more likely to identify with the president than their political party, a new survey finds.
Out of 1,007 randomly selected respondents, 55% said that the United States was worse now than it was in 2016.
Female Democrats are likelier than female Republicans to feel a sense of unity with other women.
A new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds low expectations for the season and disagreements about what's safe to do amid COVID-19.
The Trump administration had positive marks at the start of the pandemic, but has gradually lost the public's trust.