Could the unprecedented number of Americans voting early mean a Democratic surge giving way to a Republican surge on Election Day?
The former vice president is competitive in all the battleground states Trump won in 2016 as the president desperately seeks reelection.
Voters in the Beaver State will vote on Tuesday whether possession of small amounts of heroin, cocaine, LSD and other hard drugs should be decriminalized.
In what staff called a "symbolic" gesture, the German tourist attraction moved its figure of the Republican president into a dumpster this week.
The singer elected to wear some of her craziest outfits in a video designed to inspire people to vote.
The Florida mom filled out her ballot in her car while doing some controlled Lamaze breathing,
Texans are coming out in waves to cast their presidential ballots, but it remains unclear which party will benefit more from the surge.
At this pace, the 2020 election could have the highest participation rate in over a century.
The Democratic candidate says he'll prioritize the landmark LGBTQ rights legislation should he win the presidency.
The president plows ahead with cross-country events despite the surge in coronavirus cases as he desperately seeks a second term.