New documents show Donald Trump pressed acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen to look into the lie that the 2020 election was full of voter fraud.
President Daniel Ortega's government has detained 12 opponents since June 2, moving beyond candidates challenging him to any prominent opposition member.
Hala Ayala, a Democrat, is due to face off against Winsome Sears, a Republican.
The former governor now faces Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin.
Democrats decide on nominees for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and state House of Delegates.
Democratic campaign vets have started the "Never Again PAC" to help defeat the 147 members of Congress who voted to reject the election result in Trump's favor.
Apparently unable to muster an original story about adorant Trump fans, Eric Trump fell back on one of his dad’s tired, much-repeated claims about tough guys brought to tears.
The progressive DA will likely win another term in office in November.
The Massachusetts senator and former presidential candidate is backing a progressive favorite in a competitive primary.
State Rep. Bee Nguyen, who replaced Stacey Abrams in the legislature, is running to be secretary of state in Georgia ― where the GOP just passed voting limits.