Initial results showed challenger Benny Gantz’s centrist Blue and White party tied or with a slight lead over Netanyahu’s Likud.
In rebuking the platform, the 2016 presidential candidate cited a "disturbing" report on the Trump campaign's deceptions.
"Everybody wants another Obama and he’s the closest thing we can get,” said one student at Texas Southern University, a historically Black college in Houston.
Israeli voters will decide whether to give Benjamin Netanyahu another term in office despite a likely indictment on corruption charges.
Internet memes are everywhere. And as the 2020 presidential election approaches, candidates and voters alike are creating and sharing even more of them. But do online memes really have the power to affect our politics?
The Israeli prime minister is facing a close fight for power as the country heads to national elections for the second time in 2019.
"Warriors stand and fight for what they believe," wrote three of the president's Republican challengers.
Cory Booker was asked about his diet at Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate. Polling shows voters aren’t interested.
The ABC News debate is the first limited to one night after several candidates dropped out and others failed to meet new qualification standards.
The law subjects people who engage in voter registration to potential fines and even criminal penalties.
The progressive activist who helped tear down Memphis' Confederate monuments will be on the ballot Oct. 3.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan, which Palestinians have condemned as a war crime, was announced a week before a closely contested Israeli election.
The former Georgia gubernatorial candidate made her case in a letter and strategy memo obtained by The Associated Press.
The 32-year-old candidate made national news when he ran in a House special election in 2017, and now he's back to challenge GOP Sen. David Perdue.
This is the British prime minister's sixth defeat in six days.
So far, Nevada, South Carolina, Kansas and Arizona have all canceled their nominating contests.
One North Carolina congressional district is getting a do-over months after major voter fraud invalidated the results of a 2018 midterm election.
Can Democrat Dan McCready count on the same liberal energy that powered Democrats’ midterm wave?
“I think there is a political process, and people will make their own choices,” Sanders told Yahoo News. “But I’m feeling pretty good about the future.”
Prime minister to prorogue parliament on Monday night after anti-no deal Brexit legislation gets royal assent.