GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte's wife, Susan, met with Guilfoyle, a Trump campaign official. Neither wore a mask or maintained social distance.
New video from Eleven Films shows what's on the line in November's election.
The Sooner State is the 38th jurisdiction to offer benefits to more adults under the Affordable Care Act.
Some 12,000 "Do Not Sit Here" stickers to help protect people attending from COVID-19 were removed by the campaign, according to arena management.
Donald Trump insists the economy is bouncing back while Joe Biden warns “no miracles are coming."
Probable Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is slowly narrowing down his pick for Vice President and his choice could bring him great benefits come the November election.
A House committee controlled by Republicans approved the bill on Wednesday.
More states and employers are making election days a company holiday. But it's not a holistic solution.
President Trump’s advisers pushed for adding another debate to the schedule, a proposal that Biden's campaign manager said is distracting.
The former national security adviser said he won’t vote for Joe Biden either, but rather write in a “conservative Republican.”