Elections 2010

Now is a real chance to prove everyone wrong. It's also a real chance to actually protect some fellow Americans and fellow humans from harm. How?
After Secretary Clinton's sweeping wins yesterday, it appears as though Senator Sanders will not be able to win the nomination. While this may revive those same feelings of disenchantment and disillusionment from six years ago in those of us who "feel the Bern," we cannot afford another 2010.
Research shows that campaigns that directly contact young people boost youth turnout. Knocking on young people's doors to talk about an election increases their turnout by about 25 percent.
"Goliath just took a swing at David," O'Donnell wrote. "The FEC filed a lawsuit against me based on the politically motivated
There was definitely a time in President Barack Obama's life in which he looked forward to August. He was, after all, born on Aug. 4. And Hawaii seems like it's maybe the best part of America in which to spend an August.
Increasingly, we have to fight even for access to birth control, insurance coverage, and women's basic health care services such as Pap tests and breast cancer screenings. In this way, the public discussion about abortion rights has expanded, becoming more reflective of the real experience of women's lives.
On Election Day, November 2, 2010, more than eight million Americans voted for congressional candidates who claimed to represent
Crossroads GPS formally filed for tax-exempt status in 2010, a process that is not required. It has still not been approved
Democrats should fight for jobs programs and pay equity for women, not fight to cut Social Security. Democrats should realize that when the winds of national opinion are at our back, it is folly to sail against these winds and disaster to downsize the legacy of our party.
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Yesterday, the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) released the 14th installment of its weekly Horse Race poll, which found that President Barack Obama bested Governor Romney for the first time in four weeks.
An undeniable truth from the results of my research is that the public is largely biased in their judgments of African American voting practices. And, if the public is biased, then concluding that it is not, which is the norm among political commentators, is incorrect.
The one thing, of course, that links all of these figures is that they are in tight races. Heitkamp and Kerrey are underdogs
A legal tussle involving Christine O’Donnell and a disgruntled ex-aide who claims he is owed more than $18,000 heads to court
Some secret donors who gave money to groups that paid for millions of dollars in attack ads during the 2010 midterm elections
The amount in question, $500, is small compared to the millions O'Malley raised in his race. But O'Malley and other prominent
In a statement released Sunday, the DCCC contrasted the allegedly ethically-challenged politicians with House Speaker John
Why did health care reform have such dramatic effects? Individual-level survey data shows that health care reform supporters were seen as more liberal and thus more ideologically distant from voters.
By Michael Beckel, iWatch News Coleman, who currently serves as chairman of the board of the group, was brought on as a "senior