Elections 2016

Wisconsin has always seemed like one of the toughest swing states for Democrats. That may not be the case this time.
Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declined to say if Trump will commit to a peaceful transfer of power and if the election's legitimacy depends on who wins.
President Donald Trump claimed that a COVID-19 vaccine would be available as soon as October, contradicting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director’s congressional testimony that it would be ready by mid-2021.
While President Donald Trump scored a legal victory in keeping his tax returns private for now, Joe Biden just wants to know what Trump is hiding.
The long march of the conservative movement has led the party from a majority to a minority that increasingly opposes democracy.
The Delaware senator will highlight Joe Biden's faith at the Democratic National Convention in an effort to engage religious voters.
Michelle Obama: Trump Is 'Wrong President For This Country'
Bernie Sanders 'Nero fiddled as Rome burned, Trump golfs'
Polls are showing that President Donald Trump is losing to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. But can we rely on the accuracy of surveys leading up to the election?
Joe Biden has picked Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate. But her background as a prosecutor means she could have a tough time winning over progressives