Elizabeth Warren

A Minnesota woman showed up to Warren’s event in a blue blazer and clear glasses, and looked so much like the senator that people got confused.
Sanders sees health care as 2020's defining issue. Warren wants to tackle special interest influence and corruption in Washington.
The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate released a list of proposals centered on community-driven initiatives and a reformed justice system.
About 12,000 people showed up at the Democratic presidential hopeful's town hall at Macalester College in St. Paul, according to her campaign.
Here's a very early snapshot of how religious (and unaffiliated) Democrats currently view the party's presidential candidates.
The Democratic presidential candidate apologized for harm she caused with her Native ancestry claims — and laid out her plans for empowering tribes.
At least seven candidates will participate in a forum in Sioux City focused on issues affecting Native American communities.
The Democratic presidential candidate would revoke "ill-advised" pipeline permits and significantly expand tribal criminal jurisdiction.
The Democratic presidential candidate even received the "Rocky" treatment over the viral video.
Progressives who backed the Vermont senator in the 2016 presidential race have lots more options this time -- like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who's inching up in polls.
Elizabeth Warren is the latest to endorse the creation of a federal licensing system.
The Democratic senator and 2020 presidential candidate released a plan aimed at reducing gun deaths by 80%.
Democrats are expected to steer their money toward union businesses, but some campaigns have spent money at nonunion hotels, even ones under boycott.
The retail giant banned assault-style weapons in 2015, but activists are pushing it to go further in response to this weekend's shooting at an El Paso store.
"He’s done everything he can to stir up racial conflict and hatred in this country," said the Democratic presidential candidate.
The White House contender wants to make sure every U.S. home has a fiber broadband connection at an affordable cost.
For the second time, voters who watched her came away with improved opinions, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told the AFSCME forum in Las Vegas she still has faith the Senate can be an effective legislative body.
The Democratic presidential candidate has convinced activists of color she's serious. Can she translate that enthusiasm to the broader black electorate?
Politicians, celebrities, activists and citizens speak out in sadness and fury after third major shooting in a week.