Elizabeth Warren

“She’s smart and she has a backbone made out of steel,” Warren said of Porter in a video posted on Twitter.
The Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to the Labor Department urging the agency to crack down on worker misclassification.
Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Wells Fargo CEO, Calls On Him To Resign
The first-of-its-kind bill, which took three years to draft, would provide mandatory, full federal funding for Native communities' housing, education and health care.
In a letter exclusively shared with HuffPost, lawmakers led by Rep. Ilhan Omar and Sen. Elizabeth Warren urged the Treasury Department to “modernize” policies.
The Massachusetts senator said the party needs to “go on offense” on economic issues.
A growing number of lawmakers say it would be crazy to let Republicans use a federal debt default as leverage next year.
Mass unemployment is a bad way to tame inflation, Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and others argue.
The senators sent a letter asking the FTC to oppose the $25 billion deal, calling the two grocery chains “anticompetitive and antiworker.”
“It just sounds like a lot of words.” In an interview with HuffPost, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said she was skeptical about Republican overtures to rein in powerful tech giants.