Elizabeth Warren

The group, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, wants ICE to close facilities accused of serious human rights abuses.
"I think Justice Sotomayor is doing a terrific job, and I think she’ll be doing a terrific job for years to come,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).
The five Democrats demanded airlifts to hospitals, Navy hospital ships and Israeli guarantees to stop attacking medics, in a letter shared exclusively with HuffPost.
John Deaton says he was providing an “uncensored” look at his harrowing upbringing.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ilhan Omar are demanding answers about policies that target communities of color.
Donald Trump is "responsible for the state of abortion in this country right now," the Massachusetts senator said.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) condemned Demetrios Kouzoukas’ “overwhelming conflicts of interest” as a board member for a private insurance company.
The Massachusetts Democrat ripped Demetrios Kouzoukas’ “egregious conflict of interest” as a board member for a health insurance company.
The Massachusetts Democrat grew more agitated as the nominee to federal health insurance boards dodged her questions.
“I’m glad he’s leaving, but I wish he’d never come,” the senator said.