Elizabeth Warren

Senators, cable news hosts, celebrities and others named two things the president is likely trying to hide.
"We are seeing a massive surge of COVID-19 cases in nearly 50 states and territories across the country,” the Massachusetts senator wrote.
Steve Guest, the director of the GOP’s rapid response team, took it way too seriously when the senator joked that her dog would be voting Democratic.
The Massachusetts senator is still considered a top contender for the vice presidential slot.
“This is nothing but typical bluster,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said after Trump threatened to veto the defense spending bill.
Dr. Anthony Fauci told lawmakers that if states do not take stronger measures to stop the coronavirus, cases could rapidly increase.
Probable Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is slowly narrowing down his pick for Vice President and his choice could bring him great benefits come the November election.
Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were among those who called the court's decision a step in the right direction.
As few as six serious contenders are entering a second round of vetting to become a potential vice presidential nominee.
“These attacks on peaceful American protesters steps from the White House were sickening and appalling," the Mass. senator said.