A skydiver shocked bystanders after they watched him lose control of his parachute.
Shocked bystanders watched a skydiver crashing after he lost control of his parachute.
The "Star Wars" villain is soaring over the skies of southwest England this weekend.
A woman in England instead received a cake featuring someone else entirely.
Ben Stokes of England's cricket team just made a one-handed grab that wowed the world.
In a stinging editorial, a major U.K. newspaper is calling for the cancellation of President Donald Trump’s state visit to Great Britain.
The Professional Footballers Association of England and Wales said the response from social media platforms to the abuse was "unacceptable."
Prime Minister Theresa May's government described it as the "last chance to vote for Brexit."
Our consumption culture comes at a heavy cost. But it doesn’t take much to fix our broken stuff.
Kratu, a dog who was rescued from a dangerous situation, doesn’t let his past — or a competition — stop him from having fun.
Hundreds of wall etchings were created to trap "evil forces" at Creswell Crags in England.
Her note was found 60 miles from Wales, where she threw it into the ocean.
The PM offered the vote following historic 230 vote defeat on her Brexit deal.
British Prime Minister Theresa May scrapped a scheduled vote on her Brexit plan that faced near-certain defeat, throwing the EU divorce deal into chaos.
A young boy was so overwhelmed when he met Queen Elizabeth II that he escaped in the most adorable way.
The bride was happy to share the spotlight on her wedding day with her best friend.
The vision of Winners Chapel is to "liberate men everywhere from every oppression of the devil."
Police arrested the unnamed suspect as he fled England's Salisbury Cathedral.
Studies show that young people are shunning marmalade. Let these Brits explain why it should be saved.