Equality Act

At CNN's town hall, the former vice president and 2020 candidate told the murder victim's mother about his support for the Equality Act to solidify LGBTQ rights.
The 2020 candidate said she would reverse Trump's transgender military ban on day one of a Warren administration.
The "Queer Eye" star and the House speaker met on Capitol Hill to discuss the Equality Act and taking down discrimination against LGBTQ people.
The singer doubled down on her pro-LGBTQ stance at the 2019 MTV VMAs, but the White House isn't here for it.
Human Rights Campaign, ACLU told GLAAD to quit its “dangerous” push for an LGBTQ constitutional amendment.
The “Shake It Off” singer kicked off Pride Month by asking her fans to flood their senators with letters asking them to support the Equality Act.
Sen. Mike Lee, who has been accused of discrimination, said we're already "becoming more tolerant."
The bill faces long odds in the Senate and would almost certainly be vetoed by President Trump.
The televangelist said the bill to protect LGBTQ citizens "is a devastating blow to religious freedom."
Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus urged Congress to pass the bill, which would outlaw discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity.
The "Modern Family" star is pressing for the LGBTQ bill, so no one's rights are "determined by what side of the state line they're on."
"My child is free to be who they are," the Democratic congresswoman said during a House hearing on the Equality Act.
The West Virginia lawmaker said he wouldn't support the Equality Act as written, specifically pointing to provisions for transgender students.
The LGBTQ rights movement’s top legislative priority could face an uphill battle.
Out & Equal is the world's largest non-profit dedicated to achieving LGBT workplace equality and works with Fortune 1,000 companies and government agencies around the world to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for LGBT employees.
After a "Holy merde!" on seeing someone I knew making international headlines, I began reflecting on the future of the male
There's still no federal law barring people from being fired for being LGBT.
The nation is mourning with the families and friends of those who died and praying for a speedy and full recovery for those