Eric Swalwell

The California Democrat mocked the House speaker and former president for pushing a bill banning noncitizens from voting.
Things got awkward for the Ohio Republican during a recent House Judiciary Committee meeting.
The California Democrat told Republicans it's "time to pack it up" with their probe against the president.
The special counsel admitted his comment wasn't in the final report, in which he described the president's memory as “faulty,” "hazy" and “poor.”
Swalwell shut down Republicans for being in the "chaos business" after party members blocked the bipartisan border bill.
“Even crazy Tomi Lahren thinks this thing is over,” the California Democrat said.
The California congressman repeatedly zinged the former president as he questioned Hunter Biden in the impeachment inquiry for Joe Biden.
Stone has denied he made the comments, claiming they were “poorly fabricated AI generated fraud.”
“I’m just a simple attorney general from Oklahoma,” said Genter Drummond when Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) asked if Trump's conduct warranted impeachment.
The court rejected Trump's appeal to dismiss lawsuits brought by congressmen and police officers seeking civil damages over the Capitol insurrection.