Clark's arrival to the WNBA has already been a big boost for the league.
Tributes to the "Stump the Schwab" icon poured in on social media in the wake of his death.
The ”Countdown” podcast host called Steele "the dumbest person I’ve ever worked with in sports or news."
Mortensen's longtime employer, ESPN, was the first to announce his passing.
"College GameDay" personalities like Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso and Desmond Howard were given awards they were not entitled to, The Athletic reported.
A Washington Huskies fan accepted the challenge from ESPN's Pat McAfee, and it turned into an adventure.
"You made it happen," the NBA player told the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch in a recent episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians."
The ESPN star showed he has the perfect arm ... for sports commentary.
Footage revealed the devastating moment of contact for the Browns star after the network didn't show it.
"I feel sorry for any pain I might have caused that family by insinuating anything," the ESPN Radio host said.