Witnesses are sharing stories about a potential massacre at Axum's Church of St. Mary of Zion that left hundreds dead in November.
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, winner of last year's Nobel Peace Prize, has rejected international “interference” into the conflict with the Tigray region.
The locusts are destroying farmland and threatening an already vulnerable region with devastating hunger.
A flight-control system pushed the nose of two 737 Max planes down before crashes that killed 346 people.
The Norwegian Nobel Institute also praised the “important reforms” that Ethiopia’s prime minister has launched at home.
One of the African nation's religious leaders urged authorities to enact strong laws against same-sex relations.
The country plans to plant a total of 4 billion trees by October as part of an effort to reverse decades of deforestation.
The Max 8 is the same plane at the center of a growing global ban by more than 40 countries following a fatal crash in Ethiopia.
Concerns are following a Boeing 737 Max 8 crash in Ethiopia that killed everyone on board.
In rural Ethiopia, something in the soil can trigger a deforming disease.