As New Year's draws closer, it's time to begin planning how you'll say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. Choose from one
Gurus are also highly active on social media and their goal is to reach more people with their message. So when you have
Movie (and wine) buffs need to get in gear now - the last film fest of the season is too good to miss. (Photo by Frank Micelotta
When you're organizing an event with professional speakers, you'll find that some of your dream speakers are authors as well
Take it from someone who keynotes at over 250 corporate events, conferences, trade shows, and meetings around the world: You can double (or even triple) the value of any event you attend by spending a few hours doing the simplest of things long before the event starts.
The vast New Mexico sky yawned in rays of gold and blue. Hot pink clouds hugged the horizon as people scurried about amidst the early morning chill. A tall, thin man, obviously in costume, comments on the festivities while news cameras roll live. He's here for the 45th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta; an event that draws over 900,000 visitors each year.
Social Media Week Miami is a 5-day bilingual conference that provides ideas, trends, insights and inspiration to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more in a hyper-connected world. Entering its 3rd year, the growing conference is going deeper on the issues and topics that matter most to today's professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest social, digital and business innovations.
There are not many cities in the world with such heritage like Gdansk. Called Poland's gate to Europe, it was a main hub
No matter how hard you try or what precautions you take, there are bound to be a few yawn-inducing moments in every big day (yes, even at the best of them).
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is heralded as one of the nation's leading publicity events: The annual Coney Island happening
Even when we think about the Internet of Things, IoT, it will be another big data and AI convergence that will mine the meaning
So how can you get your money's -- and time -- worth when this happens? Yes, it's a networking opportunity. This has happened
Sandee Billen Maas, "You Don't Look Sick!" -- When Public Opinion Goes Wrong Amy Gahran, How I Became an Accidental Social
And we do. The Leaders Summit is the first formal step on this journey - because we have the will, the capabilities and the
Hamlet thought he was asking the question when he spoke his famed words, "to be or not to be." No offense to Hamlet or William Shakespeare or Christopher Marlowe (if you choose to read one too many a conspiracy theory), but I wholeheartedly disagree. Why?
In a world where we manage change in business instead of embracing it, it is not surprising that fear produces predictability and cookie cutter expectations at events. It is part of the current transactional nature of business that needs a reboot to match the 21st century human to human era.
Value Creation and Pursuing Your Creative Journey On May 5th and 6th the tall glass walls of Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln
Nothing says Spring like the scent of BBQ in the air. This coming Saturday, May 14th, the Queen Mary is hosting the 5th Annual West Coast BBQ Classic, featuring both expert and amateur grillers, all of whom are competing for the title of West Coast BBQ Pitmaster Champion.
By Laura Woods, Contributor Read the full list of 4/20 deals here>>> The History of 420 The Clinic Marijuana Center: This
Kim Scott The President and CEO of Trillium Family Services, Kim Scott is a powerhouse of activism. He delivered one of my