The Everglades

The snake is said to be of record-length in Florida's program to combat the invasive species.
Now the Republican is trying to burnish his green cred before running for Senate. But he has a history of bait-and-switch.
A graphic video posted on YouTube shows villagers carving out the body from the snake's stomach.
“In the coming months biologists will try to determine why this happened."
Mr. Charles Person, (seated, center,) experienced the horror of being attacked by a racially motivated mob as a Freedom Rider
Liberty Island recovered from severe damage after Hurricane Sandy, but America's national parks are increasingly under threat from climate change.
Everglades National Park (ENP) is our only national wetland park, and one of the largest aquascapes in the world. Lying at the southern end of an immense watershed, ENP is caught between the largest man-made water project in the world upstream and a rapidly rising ocean downstream.
The Nile crocodile, unlike the American crocodile or alligator, does not try to elude humans. Being an apex predator, it welcomes the challenge from other animals and does not go down without a fight. They can grow up to 18 feet and lay 25-80 eggs just two months after mating.