Yahoo News obtained a bulletin that expresses concern about "racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists" exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic.
Clearview AI, which has alarmed privacy experts, hired several far-right employees, a HuffPost investigation found.
Historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat has an urgent message during the coronavirus crisis: Authoritarians like Trump don't care about human life. They care about power.
The man was quickly escorted out amid a chorus of boos.
Seibt, a darling of the climate science denial movement, said she is a "fan" of Stefan Molyneux, a racist vlogger who has endorsed white nationalism.
A new Anti-Defamation League report also finds that an anti-Latino massacre at a Walmart made 2019 the sixth-deadliest for extremist-related violence since 1970.
Neo-Nazi John Denton was arrested along with four others in a nationwide bust Wednesday.
2019 is the second straight year that the circulation of propaganda material has more than doubled.
The white supremacist is accused of killing 22 people inside a Texas Walmart.
The extremists are now considered a "national threat priority," FBI Director Christopher Wray said.
The white nationalist Coast Guard lieutenant pleaded guilty to federal charges last year amid a plot to “murder innocent civilians” on a wide scale, the feds said.
Brandon Higgs, who has ties to neo-Nazi groups, faces attempted murder and hate crime charges for allegedly attacking two Black men near Baltimore.
Homophobic Franco nostalgists are using the controversy over Catalonia’s 2017 independence vote to polarize what was once a beacon of tolerance in Europe.
Three Holocaust survivors share their concerns about the uptick in anti-Semitism in the U.S. — and reveal what gives them hope.
Federal prosecutors asked to detain three members of the violent extremist group The Base, arguing that they had plotted violence to spark a civil war.
Most of those killed were students returning to class.
The message board where three mass shootings were announced this year went dark in August, but has now returned.
Studies of leadership decapitation suggest groups like ISIS often find ways to survive.
His death is a major blow, but the extremist group has survived the loss of previous leaders and military setbacks.
The People's Party of Canada failed to win a single seat in Monday's election.