An Islamic extremist killed eight people and injured 18 others with a truck on a bike path in Manhattan on Halloween in 2017.
Anti-government organizations are filling a disaster-response gap — and using it to spread their message.
Gerald Leonard Drake, 63, initially tried to blame antifascist protesters for a pipe bomb he planted.
U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk was required to submit a lengthy report on all of his writings and appearances during his confirmation.
But the Connecticut Democrat believes that both parties can unite to address the crisis.
Utah, Georgia and Tennessee are the latest states to pass legislation designed to counter demonstrations like those against the Dakota Access pipeline.
The Proud Boys desecrated several historic Black churches in D.C. prior to Jan. 6. One church, suing for millions, hopes to neutralize the hate group for good.
FBI Agent Nicole Miller testified last week that she was aware of two informants in the Proud Boys, including one who marched on the Capital on Jan. 6.
Her propaganda canonized white supremacist murderers as "saints." She may have helped inspire a shooting at a gay bar. Now she's been unmasked.
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said Thursday she was among those targeted.