Facial Recognition

Stephen Chase Randolph was arrested in Kentucky. Federal authorities say he told undercover agents it was "f**king fun" to be in the Capitol mob.
HuffPost reporting and the work of citizen sleuths appears to have identified a rioter who attacked police and flashed a Nazi salute in the Jan. 6 insurrection.
The highly controversial tool isn’t just for the feds anymore. Online sleuths are quietly using it to hunt for rioters — like the man they've dubbed #NaziGrayHat.
Robert Williams said he was unjustly arrested after facial recognition technology mistakenly identified him as a suspected shoplifter.
A man was wrongfully arrested after facial recognition software mismatched his driver’s license photo to surveillance video of someone shoplifting, according to an ACLU complaint.
The decision comes amid nationwide scrutiny of police powers following the killing of George Floyd.
The company said it would oppose the use of technology "for mass surveillance, racial profiling" or the "violations of basic human rights and freedoms."
The bill could have expanded business and government use of facial recognition technology as protesters nationwide call out racism and unjust policing.
Clearview AI, which has alarmed privacy experts, hired several far-right employees, a HuffPost investigation found.
The New York Police Department says its facial recognition database is limited to mugshots, but documents obtained by HuffPost show apparent Facebook photos.