Family Separation

The Biden administration has reunited more than 600 migrant children with their families.
While President Joe Biden rescinded the notorious Trump-era immigration policy on his first day in office last year, many families have not yet been reunited.
About 5,500 children were forcibly removed from their parents under former President Donald Trump.
The Biden administration is taking steps to reunite immigrant families split up under President Donald Trump.
More than 500 children are still apart from their parents as a result of former President Donald Trump's family separation policy.
The ACLU said it still hasn't been able to locate the parents of at least 628 migrant children who were separated from their families in 2017 and 2018.
Journalist Jacob Soboroff strongly disputes the claim Trump made during the debate that migrant children are "well taken care of."
Lawyers say they can't locate the parents of at least 545 migrant children after they were separated under the president's "zero-tolerance" border policy.
“We need to take away children,” the then-attorney general told Justice Department prosecutors, according to a draft inspector general's report.
During a series of secretly taped conversations, the first lady could be heard railing against critics of her husband’s immigration policies.