The comment came one day after the Trump official moved to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
The Islamist group has ruled Gaza since 2007.
The Hamas Leadership might not know the above quote, but they will certainly be rubbing their collective blood-soaked hands with glee at the frankly mind-boggling decision by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to call municipal elections for October 8th in the West Bank.
As Palestinians commemorate the 68th anniversary of the Nakba -- literally "catastrophe" in Arabic, when the indigenous people of Palestine were driven out of Palestine into exile -- there is a new Nakba taking place: the political division between Hamas and Fatah.
For the first time in years, Palestinian reconciliation talks have not received the usual high-caliber media coverage, not even in the Palestinian media.
A gray zone, according to the Islamic State (ISIS or IS), is a place where Muslims have rejected an "us-versus-them" world of belief and unbelief that puts the caliphate in the right and the "crusader coalition" in the wrong.
In the 13th century, the Italian town of Lucera was a Muslim island in a sea of Christendom. Here Frederick II, the head
TEL AVIV -- Israelis look for simple, external answers: They're anti-Semites, they hate us, they want to kill us, they want to drive us into the sea. While I don't understand this utter inability to self-reflect, I have to admit, I understand where it comes from: fear. I feel it, too, as I move through Tel Aviv. I, too, eye the people I pass on the street, sizing them up. Forget about racial profiling -- I'm scared of everyone I don't know right now.
TEL AVIV -- Foreign analysts have been quick to claim that recent events are about Al Aqsa, and they've been even quicker to argue about whether or not this is a third intifada. But both discussions miss the point.
People often ask me whether being President has made it more difficult to spend time with Michelle and our girls. But the surprising truth is that being in the White House has made our family life more "normal" than it's ever been.
What needs to become a success is not Abbas' campaign, but a negotiated two-state solution. Only an agreement in which both sides will take full responsibility for their present and future will be able to hold in the unexpected reality of the Middle-East.
What the 50-day war did in Gaza was to restore the concept of military resistance as a route to Palestinian unity. And that is what Gazans and Palestinians the world over were celebrating. This was not part of Netanyahu's playbook.
Hamas has reduced the Palestinian cause from one where Palestinians deserve a viable State to live on like any other nation, to a series of pity quarrels and disputes over side issues.
Are you "pro-Israel" or "pro-Palestine"? It isn't even noon yet as I write this, and I've already been accused of being both.
How DARE Israel be upset that the Arab enablers, spinners and propagandists have skillfully exploited images of the human shields that they cynically use as missile fodder to advance their anti-Israel, anti-Jewish fatwa.
The longer the war goes, especially Israel's ground offensive, the more likely that all Palestinians, even those in the West Bank, could rally around Hamas.
These three young men were killed by hateful people who had no regard for humanity or the values of life treasured by most. Until the world truly understands this evil and acts to combat it, cultures of hate like those responsible for taking the lives of Naftali, Eyal and Gilad will sadly continue to flourish.
The PLO-Hamas deal is about bringing back democracy for Palestinians. That is a goal Americans and Israelis alike should support. Instead, they have grown accustomed to pointing out Palestinian flaws while overlooking the overt support for colonization and domination that pervade Israeli politics.
Characterizing the Fatah-Hamas unity, or rather reconciliation, agreement as helpful or harmful to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is premature at best.
Ultimately, Netanyahu is shaping Israel in his own image. The United States and Europe no longer feel they can trust Israel; they expect to be tricked and outmaneuvered. They no longer believe they can take the Israeli government's word at face value.