The previously unidentified remains were found in a Florida nature preserve.
Landon Mitchell told a Facebook friend he thought the FBI wouldn't get him because he “was masked up the whole time."
Danny "D.J." Rodriguez, who was arrested after he was identified in a HuffPost story, called himself a "f**king piece of s**t" during his interview with the FBI.
Officer Michael Riley told a Jan. 6 rioter that he agreed with his "political stance" but suggested he remove photos taken inside the Capitol building.
James Mault was caught on film attacking officers during the Jan. 6 attack and lost his civilian job. So he rejoined the military while under FBI investigation.
#MississippiFlagGuy and #KingstonAsh were identified by online sleuths back in February.
Nine months after the Jan. 6 attack, the FBI has nabbed a quarter of the estimated 2,500 potential Capitol defendants.
The Department of Justice said it will review the misconduct of agents in the USA Gymnastics case, but FBI veterans say the problems run much deeper.
The agency said the raids were part of "an ongoing investigation."
After the FBI raided the home of the wrong Trump supporter, online sleuths successfully identified the duo in about 30 minutes.