Classified files have been previously found in Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home and a former office in Washington.
Rep. Jim Jordan got schooled by NBC’s Chuck Todd after the Ohio Republican argued that the FBI is against Donald Trump.
The former president compared the bureau to Nazi Germany’s secret police and suggested that it is led by “Marxist Thugs.”
Two years later and with no arrests to show for it, the FBI is upping its reward.
Steven Sund’s upcoming book, “Courage Under Fire,” reportedly looks at failures both within and outside of his former agency.
Donald Trump is urging his followers on Truth Social that the “weaponized thugs and tyrants” in the FBI and DOJ “must be dealt with.”
Two men, one already facing charges, were accused of plotting retaliation.
Authorities say the person who would later kill five at a Colorado gay nightclub was on the FBI’s radar before being arrested for threatening to kill family members.
When the FBI showed up at the door of his North Carolina home last month, Williams told one of the agents, “I’m going to take you out,” the complaint states.
An investigation linked the boy to bomb threats against historically Black colleges and universities earlier this year, according to authorities.