When the FBI showed up at the door of his North Carolina home last month, Williams told one of the agents, “I’m going to take you out,” the complaint states.
An investigation linked the boy to bomb threats against historically Black colleges and universities earlier this year, according to authorities.
Witnesses have suggested to the FBI that Trump just didn’t want to “give up what he believed was his property,” The Washington Post reported.
It's very possible that Trump is lying to claim credit for the Florida governor's rise in national Republican politics as both men eye a presidential run.
The man said he had been bullied and felt anger towards Jewish people.
Some communities are posting extra police at synagogues following the warning amid a chilling increase in antisemitism.
A former undercover police officer left a note alleging that he assisted the NYPD and FBI in the murder of Malcolm X.
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) on Wednesday was indicted on public corruption charges for allegedly accepting donations and pricey gifts from a Florida ophthalmologist in exchange for using his position to push the doctor's interests.
The Republican first said in August that the FBI seized his phone while he was traveling with family.
Leaked information could have seriously jeopardized U.S. security, sources told The Washington Post.