The FCC hit the network with the six-figure penalty after its late-night show misused the wireless emergency alert tone.
Customers previously had to request or download apps to have the calls blocked. Now it can be done by default.
Scammers let phones ring once. If people call back, they’re connected to a number that charges per-minute fees.
"Unleash Hell!": The "Last Week Tonight" team created a program to keep dialing all five commissioners with a special message from Oliver.
“She had four cellphones in the car, none of which had service.”
The regulator said it “will suspend most operations in the middle of the day on Thursday" unless the shutdown is resolved.
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai conceded that 500,000 fake comments urging the death of the popular system came from Russian emails.
The FCC head called the failure of wireless carriers to restore service "completely unacceptable."
The suit filed by The New York Times alleges an "orchestrated campaign'' by Russians to corrupt democratic rule-making.
"Unlike Pai’s FCC, California isn’t run by the big telecom and cable companies,” responded state Sen. Scott Wiener.
The states argue the FCC action could harm public safety, citing electrical grids as an example.
Liberty Radio in Austin, Texas, had broadcast the far-right conspiracy theorist’s show without a license for years.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recommended the proposal be reviewed by an administrative law judge.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is trying to usher in an online regime lacking real freedom. He should be ready for a fight.
The U.S. Senate plans to vote next week on whether to reject the FCC's repeal of the Obama-era rules.
If the effort makes it through the chamber, tougher battles await.
Far fewer have been paying much attention to Sinclair Broadcast Group, the nation's biggest owner of local TV stations.
It's the first state to pass net neutrality legislation, setting up a clash with the Federal Communications Commission.
"The Progressive Policy Institute has a history of bending over backwards to do whatever large phone and cable companies ask it to do," one critic said.
Federal and state investigations determined the worker believed the U.S. was actually under attack when he sent the alert.