Federal Aviation Administration

In the continued aftermath of two fatal crashes, grounded Boeing 737 Max jets will lead to thousands of flight cancellations in the coming months.
The government issued a statement Wednesday saying Boeing will need to "mitigate" the issue before the Max 8 jets could be put back in service.
Dennis Muilenburg conceded the planemaker made an error in its in handling of a warning-system problem in its 737 Max jet.
The pilot, who crashed atop a midtown Manhattan high-rise, was not licensed to fly in the kind of weather the city had that day.
Approximately 115 flights will be canceled per day through Sept. 3, the airline said on Sunday.
Boeing finally told the FAA about a problem with its 737 Max aircraft 13 months after it discovered the problem.
The Lion Air's pilots reportedly flipped through a manual to find help instead of disengaging the system.
The Federal Aviation Administration said there was "no basis" to ground the plane, despite the recent crash in Ethiopia.
The Max 8 is the same plane at the center of a growing global ban by more than 40 countries following a fatal crash in Ethiopia.
The FAA has resisted calls from Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney and others to ground the aircraft until a full investigation is complete.
It's unlikely the three crew members on board survived, authorities said.
"Do we have your attention now, Leader McConnell?" the Association of Flight Attendants union said.
The Federal Aviation Administration said air traffic control staffing issues had led it to “adjust operations to a safe rate.”
Reports from two flights said a drone had been spotted over nearby Teterboro Airport.
If they didn't, the administration wouldn't be calling back more and more of them from furlough.
A number of aviation industry groups have voiced concerns about potential safety lapses during the shutdown.
Staffers from agencies including the IRS and the FAA will be forced to start punching the clock again.
This is the third union to sue the Trump administration for making federal employees work without pay during the government closure.
Worrying about how we're going to afford something as simple as toilet paper is NOT a vacation.