Federal Aviation Administration

The same week, another incidence of severe turbulence sent seven commercial airplane passengers to the hospital.
The FAA was forced to ground thousands of flights last week after a mass outage of a key safety system.
A Delta flight was forced to abort takeoff as an American Airlines plane taxied across the runway, according to the FAA.
Safety messages that were sent to pilots overnight contained "irregularities," the transportation secretary said.
The FAA said its Notice to Air Missions system had “failed” and ordered all domestic takeoffs temporarily halted.
Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington were cited for recklessness after the nosedive stunt, which resulted in a crash.
Some airlines said they will halt flights to several American cities or stop using the Boeing 777, which the FAA has not cleared to fly into airports with 5G signals.
The companies will delay the rollout by two weeks after airlines expressed concern about the new wireless service harming electronics that pilots rely on.
One passenger is being fined $40,000 for allegedly bringing alcohol on a plane and drinking it, smoking marijuana in the lavatory, and sexually assaulting a flight attendant.
Arielle Jean Jackson allegedly struck a female operations agent in the head with a closed fist after being asked to leave the plane following a verbal altercation.