Financial Aid

The action targets a loan forgiveness program that aims to help people with disabilities but that critics say carries overly burdensome rules.
Advocates want Joe Biden and Miguel Cardona to oust Mark Brown, the head of the Federal Student Aid office.
"A college degree could offer me equal footing in a world that too often denies students like me the opportunity to pursue higher education."
Find out how your state ranks among the highest and lowest student debt loads in America.
Here's what students returning to campus amid the coronavirus pandemic need to know before signing up for a policy.
The school has a massive $41 billion endowment, the largest of any university in the world.
The federal student loan system is "fundamentally broken," A. Wayne Johnson said.
The fact that I made such a desperate decision speaks to the kind of reform we need in this country.
"We were trying to fit into a life that I don’t believe was designed for us."