Financial Education

On a first date, it's not unusual for the person doing the asking to pick up the check. But it's also quite appropriate for
Recognize why companies might have rewards programs. Whether you're signed up for the buy-nine-get-one-free program at a
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The break-even point is how long it'll take you to recoup the costs associated with refinancing. For example, it could cost
Cover these basics The unknown is always a little scary but there are some basic things you do have control over no matter
These proposed policy reforms are just the beginning of a national dialogue about strategies to reduce poverty for working age adults with disabilities. There can be no meaningful conversation regarding poverty in America absent the voice of the disability community.
Bottom line: Having access to a wide variety of shows, movies and other types of electronic entertainment can be well worth
So what's the answer? First, when it comes to your finances, get specific about what you really want to accomplish. For instance
Even if your partner always imagined a diamond ring, you'll want to know the style and color of the band that they find appealing
Plus, according the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP), financial stress can also significantly impact
As you get your finances on track, you'll be working on building your credit score. Get your score for free, and watch your
Keep exercise-related expenses down. It can be tempting to buy new workout equipment or sign up for a gym when you're excited
By Margarette Burnette 7. Plan beyond 2017 Think way beyond, as in retirement. The earlier you save, the more your money
The financial world is filled with numbers and details, many of which you don't really need to think about. I believe you
• Paying bills after the due date. • Paying only the minimum required on bills. • Ignoring bills and letting them go to collections
You could discuss how inflation can decrease the purchasing power of money over time. Older children might be able to think
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The Part B annual deductible will also increase, from $166 to $183. Generally, after you've met your deductible, you'll pay
Many experts penned numerous articles this year proclaiming that the Gold market was ready to take off and that 2016 would
I've heard an ethical will described as "an estate-planning love letter to your family." I like that idea. Your legacy is