Since former President Donald Trump is no longer raking in GOP donor money, he’s found a new way to cash in.
Caleb Pendleton of Florida Atlantic University made a grand debut.
The governor's "decision to honor him is an embarrassment to Florida," tweeted Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.
GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has proposed an array of voting changes as state lawmakers introduce legislation making it harder to vote by mail.
Seagrasses don't get as much attention as coral reefs, but these "hidden forests" store carbon, keep the water clear and are a vital habitat for marine life.
The softball star's acrobatic play earned her viral acclaim that was "pretty cool," she said.
Fox News made it seem like a President’s Day roadside rally for ex-President Donald Trump was spontaneous, but that was a lie.
The Latin pop superstar will lend his support and promote tolerance via social media posts, video messages and narrating exhibitions.
Tampa musician Prince Midnight made the ghoulish guitar to honor his Uncle Filip, "the biggest metal head I've ever known."
“This is obviously a significant and potential dangerous increase,” the sheriff said after the amount of lye in the water rose 11,000%.