"The system was designed to fail," charged an adviser for GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, who blamed former Republican governor Rick Scott for the mess.
Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to downplay the threat of the coronavirus by treating in-person church services as "essential."
After mounting COVID-19 cases and public pressure, GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis finally took a step he previously said he was waiting for the White House to order.
President Donald Trump has yet to issue a nationwide stay-at-home order, even though many states have gone ahead and required residents to stay home.
Passengers who have been confined to their rooms for more than a week are hoping Gov. Ron DeSantis will change his mind and allow them to disembark.
One governor is listening to public health experts on coronavirus; another isn't. Guess which one Trump is trashing?
Public health officials have called for nationwide shutdowns to slow the spread of COVID-19. But many Republican governors have been slow to act.
The female suspect allegedly shouted “I have the coronavirus” before coughing what the police report called “copious amounts of saliva” into an EMT's face.
Officers said the 24-year-old suspect appeared intoxicated and kept ranting about COVID-19.
After initial reports said young people were not as vulnerable to the coronavirus, officials are changing their messaging — but some spring breakers may not be listening.
Officials said the 60-year-old suspect pretended to be a cop in order to avoid paying a $2 bridge toll.
Tuesday’s elections, conducted under the cloud of a coronavirus pandemic, will be the last state primaries until April.
Pastor Guillermo Maldonado previously suggested that people who skipped services were caving to fears instead of believing in God's promises.
The crime prevention conference was canceled because of coronavirus, but would have put tens of thousands of state dollars into Trump’s cash registers.
Florida, Illinois and Arizona will hold primary elections on Tuesday as other states shutter out of concern for the spread of coronavirus.
Restaurants, bars and schools have been shuttered, and the top infectious diseases expert said he'd like to see a 14-day national shutdown imposed.
The Florida Senate sent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis a bill Thursday that removes an entire chapter of state law regulating the telegraph industry, including $50 penalties for not promptly delivering messages.
“I couldn’t stay in a hotel,” the Florida congressman said after coming in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus.
The Republican congressman made light of the virus days before a person in his Florida district died of the illness.
Orlando-area authorities say Sarah Boone, 42, filmed herself taunting the victim as he struggled to escape.