Gerardo Gutierrez caught the virus from a co-worker and died during a time when Publix prohibited employees from wearing masks, his family says in a lawsuit.
LGBTQ rights advocates blasted the decision, noting that the medically denounced practice "poses documented and proven critical health risks."
Richard Wilbanks dove into the pond, grabbed the gator and pried open its jaws to free his King Charles Cavalier spaniel.
Some Twitter users were suspicious of the mammoth reptile spotted Wednesday at the Valencia Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida.
A former Miami-Dade County prosecutor blasted the bill as a gift to vigilantes and said it would allow "death to be the punishment for a property crime."
Why Florida voted for Donald Trump and raising the minimum wage.
“It’s very bad. In the last 20 years, I’ve never seen anything like that."
The storm has already left scores dead and over 100 missing in Mexico and Central America.
The storm has left scores of people dead and over 100 others missing in Mexico and Central America after it made landfall as a category 4 hurricane.
How rampant disinformation, cynical cries of “socialism” and Democratic complacency fueled a South Florida surge in Latino support for Trump.