Florida Legislature

Disney CEO Bob Iger on Monday said any retaliatory actions by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are not only “anti-business ... but anti-Florida.”
Republicans will likely hand $25 million annually to anti-abortion pregnancy centers with the passage of a six-week ban on abortions.
The judge said that the law unfairly targeted Black voters. It's one of several similar voter suppression measures passed by GOP-led states.
Teachers worry about the chilling effect the bill could have on LGBTQ students who need support.
The anti-immigrant bill, in a state where 1 in 5 residents is an immigrant, will likely be signed into law by the Republican governor.
Conservative politicians are watering down and reversing some of the midterm election’s progressive victories.
"If he wants a gun, he can have a gun," the mother of Nikolas Cruz was alleged to have said.
Gov. Rick Scott has expressed hesitancy over the bill and hasn't ruled out a veto.