Foreign Affairs

The war criminal Henry Kissinger died at his home in Connecticut at 100 years old.
The titan of American foreign policy was complicit in millions of deaths — and never showed remorse for his decisions.
The Republican lawmaker tried lauding the former president’s questionable foreign diplomacy skills on CNN.
“The United States stands unequivocally for the protection of civilian life during conflict," the president said.
Many lawmakers and foreign policy experts say the proposal risks exacting a high price from the U.S. without a clear benefit.
On issues ranging from Iran and Taiwan to Latin America, the New Jersey senator wielded immense influence while being out of step with most others in his party.
Only 10 months ago, the Ukrainian president was the toast of Washington. His latest visit was much more muted.
The secretary of state wouldn't weigh in on reports that Musk denied Ukrainians access to Starlink satellite network in order to thwart an attack on Russian forces.
Trump is so focused on the Islamic Republic that he reportedly kept a document about it that he knew was classified after he left office. With global concern mounting over Iran's nuclear program, his volatility poses serious risk.
The second balloon does not appear to be heading toward the U.S., according to the Pentagon.