Fox News

Fox News hosts struggled to spin the latest evidence presented by the House committee investigating the attack.
The "Late Show" host shows how this week's Jan. 6 hearing testimony led to an uncomfortable moment on the right-wing network.
The channel's audience dropped by roughly 612,000 viewers in the hour before one hearing last week.
"Devastating news: Yesterday was legitimately the worst day of my existence," Gianno Caldwell wrote.
The Fox News host poured on the insults and sarcasm in a 17-minute bashing of the vice president.
The host became the latest personality at the conservative channel to offer a counter-MAGA take on the Jan. 6 hearings.
The vape-fan Fox News host vowed to defy the Food and Drug Administration.
The far-right former House speaker rudely assessed Harris' prospects for a presidential run on Fox News.
The Fox News anchor pointed out the failure of Trump and his team to show any proof of ballot-rigging during the latest Jan. 6 hearing.