Fox News

A supercut shows pundits and hosts suggesting armed staff, trained students and "high" fences to deter future school shootings.
The president offered condolences and demanded action, which the Fox News hosts found worthy of scorn.
Andrew Pollack, whose daughter died in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting in 2018, weighed in on safety measures during an interview with Laura Ingraham.
Former New York Police Detective Pat Brosnan said "smart technology" could prevent school shootings.
By engaging with Fox News' Peter Doocy, she legitimizes the unserious network and garners negative headlines for herself and the administration.
The actor called out the spread of misinformation with a show-stopping tune in the animated show.
The Fox News host took right-wing denial to new lows to explain a self-professed white supremacist's targeting of people in a Black neighborhood.
A clip from MSNBC host Ari Melber compared the stark difference in Carlson's tone when he covers certain perpetrators.
The celebrity doctor-turned-Senate candidate thanked the Fox News host for his help in the Republican primary.
“You were driving on ecstasy?" asked Rivera's stunned co-host Emily Compagno following his revelation.