Fox News

The former White House press secretary noted in a financial disclosure that she was to begin a job at the right-wing network this month.
The Fox News personality took exception to Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s call to prioritize law enforcement efforts against domestic white nationalist terrorism.
The Fox Business-Fox News personality got little sympathy from people on Twitter.
The Fox News host drew criticism for saying he was “beginning to have doubts” about taking the coronavirus shot.
The double standard of Fox personalities over Donald Trump is laid bare in the "Daily Show with Trevor Noah" montage.
Bill Hemmer told the infectious disease expert "it just seems like there's this aggressiveness toward the Trump administration."
Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade practically kissed the ring of their overlord, while Twitter said yuck.
The actor and artist flipped Donald Trump's slogan against the former president in a new cartoon.
The Fox News personality reached really far to criticize the House speaker for pushing voting rights legislation.
The former U.N. ambassador tried to cast the former president as the real victim and it did not go over well.