Fox News

"He said it!" the guest presenter mocked the Fox News personality.
The Fox News host mocked Canada in a follow-up to his call for the U.S. to "liberate" the country from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
The Comedy Central show imagined what would happen if the conservative network made the HBO show "The Last of Us."
The mean comment came during "The Five" co-host's rant about President Joe Biden.
The Fox News host's racially charged blather hit another low in his take on the police killing of Tyre Nichols.
The "Daily Show" correspondent went full game show host on people outside the conservative network's HQ.
“This dude keeps finding stupid s**t to say,” the comedian said, ripping Fox News' coverage of Tyre Nichols' death for a second night.
Francis Ellis was heard panning Fox News, where he'd appeared multiple times as a guest.
"Some of them are not that bright. But they just don’t care," lamented the MSNBC anchor.
The new House speaker took a rhetorical question from Fox News' Mark Levin and made it weird.