Fox News

The mistake occurred as Martha MacCallum and other Fox News anchors discussed Hurricane Ian’s impact in Florida on Wednesday.
Can pumpkins eye roll? Fox News wants to ban Halloween because of course it does.
Carlson's remarks came as Hurricane Ian, which knocked out power to Cuba, approached Florida's coast.
The conservative network gets called out for launching a war on a beloved holiday.
A defamation suit against Fox Corp., Fox News Network and the former Fox Business host can proceed to trial.
The former Trump adviser attacked John Fetterman for flying a marijuana flag.
The conspiracy theory-spewing Fox News personality urged the GOP to copy one tactic of Giorgia Meloni in particular.
PA Senate candidate John Fetterman deftly swatted away Tucker Carlson’s snide remarks about his tattoos.
Twitter users believed the Fox News host went after the former president's marital and financial woes.
The Fox News host looked back at the Watergate scandal that Nixon himself once discussed on tape.