Fox News

Abby Phillip gives the outgoing right-wing media mogul a scathing sendoff.
The lies Fox News promoted in 2020 will continue to stalk the billionaire mogul’s company after his departure.
The Fox News host insisted the radio veteran, who emphatically embraced the term, just "doesn’t understand what woke is."
Lachlan Murdoch will take his father's place at the helm of his media empire.
The Fox News host fumbled her take on the alleged fatal beating of a New England Patriots fan.
Raymond Arroyo warned how the "Beetlejuice" theater scandal may hit the firebrand Republican.
The upstart Republican candidate tried to explain why so many people find him "annoying."
The Florida governor insisted criticism that he lacks charisma is a "bogus narrative."
The anchor's ominous warning comes as prosecutors seek to clamp down on Trump's inflammatory public remarks about his coup attempt case.
The Florida Republican made the case for his candidacy as the network's news ticker dropped “truth bombs” that seemed to explode his contention of viability.