Fox News

Francis Ellis was heard panning Fox News, where he'd appeared multiple times as a guest.
"Some of them are not that bright. But they just don’t care," lamented the MSNBC anchor.
The new House speaker took a rhetorical question from Fox News' Mark Levin and made it weird.
“You simply cannot engage in good faith with these people,” the MSNBC host warned of Carlson and others in conservative media.
A top Republican and conservative media hosts have been leveling baseless claims against an obscure former Biden official who is Asian American.
Benjamin Hall returned to the air for the first time since the March explosion that killed two of his colleagues.
"Why should we let it become Cuba?" the Fox News host said after suggesting America launch an attack to "liberate" Canada.
Tensions rose over Rivera's characterization of the far-right congressman to his face.
Laura Luhn accused the conservative network's late CEO of using his position to trap her in a cycle of sexual abuse.
The right-wing network had a new meltdown over nothing.