Fox News

The Fox News host just wants his viewers to be mad at Black people.
The Fox News host's attacks on the homeless are "so extreme and dangerous," one critic wrote.
Tucker Carlson's brazen "gaslighting" was laid bare by the "New Day" anchor.
Twitter users torched the former president's daughter-in-law.
The Fox News veteran debuted a damning new nickname for the Republican side of the Senate.
The Fox News star clapped as she announced the military leader had tested positive despite being vaccinated and boosted.
Logan likened Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death."
“When was the last time you’ve seen anybody on Fox talk about the 2020 election?" the pillow magnate complained at a Trump rally.
The mocking "Daily Show" montage bids farewell to one narrative put forward on the conservative network about the Jan. 6 insurrection.
"I’ve been accused of pushing my 'homosexual agenda' onto kids through my writing. So, I will confess: They got me. I’m guilty. I do have an agenda."
The conservative analyst suggested Jan. 6 should not be called an insurrection unless someone is charged with it.
The conservative TV personality showed she could use a reality check on "The Five."
The Fox News personality messaged then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows with some advice for Donald Trump a week after the insurrection.
The South Carolina Republican was slammed for bending the knee to ex-president during an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity.
"It’s ultimately not funny at all," Amanda Carpenter said of the Texas Republican's groveling apology to the Fox News personality.
The White House press secretary had figures on hand to answer the reporter's unproductive question.
Brian Kilmeade also dismissed Trump's complaints of election fraud.
Recently released texts underscore right-wing Fox News hosts' astounding influence on the former president.
As the U.S. stopped to remember the deadly insurrection, conservative networks and news outlets were eager to downplay the Donald Trump-incited violence.