Fox News

"I saw people looking down at the floor ... thinking, ‘We have actual items on this agenda,'" recalled Olivia Troye.
A former senior adviser on the White House coronavirus task force made damning comments about Trump's reactions. Fox News viewers didn't hear about it.
In talking about his new book “Rage,” Bob Woodward hit back at Fox News for questioning whether he has a political bias against President Donald Trump.
“Misinformation is a virus unto itself. And Fox News is the vector," warned Brianna Keilar.
Tucker Carlson did not respond well when Facebook and Instagram said the Fox News host’s interview contained false information about the coronavirus.
After Newt Gingrich tried to spread a conspiracy theory about George Soros, multiple Fox News hosts shut him down, leading to an awkward silence.
Facebook and Instagram said the Fox News host's segment about COVID-19 contained false information.
This might be one of the most painful silences in the network's history.
Comics roasted Donald Trump after Fox co-host Steve Doocy dismissed the president’s claims that he would make weekly appearances on the show.
"Fox & Friends" is just not that into you, Mr. President.