French President Emmanuel Macron initially pushed for a contemporary touch but came around to the traditionalists’ argument.
Visitors to the Parisian landmark will have to climb 674 steps because the elevators are still closed.
If the oil company supports the Paris climate accord, investors say it should push for stronger action to fight global warming.
Hopes that reopening restaurants and bars would provide an economic boost have been dashed as customers stay away and businesses fight for survival.
It’s the first ban by a country since the World Health Organization said it was pausing a large trial of the malaria drug due to safety concerns.
"Suddenly I was sheltering with a whole new family, thousands of miles away from my real one back in the States."
A different party animal strutted on the French city's famed Croisette while the movie gathering was off due to the coronavirus.
The coronavirus has the opportunity to impact the travel industry for years to come.
The restoration of the landmark from the 12th and 13th centuries has been halted and the workers sent home because of France’s coronavirus lockdown.
In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, many churchgoers are observing the holy day with family prayers, fasting and by watching livestreamed services.