G7 Summit

Japan said Zelenskyy’s inclusion stems from his “strong wish” to participate in talks with the bloc and countries that will influence his nation’s defense against Russia.
The Ukrainian president will be making his furthest trip from his war-torn country to join world leaders at the Hiroshima summit.
Biden is set to announce that the U.S. is providing an advanced surface-to-air missile system to Ukraine to help defend against the Russian invasion.
In recent years, gold has been the top Russian export after energy — reaching almost $19 billion or about 5% of global gold exports, in 2020, according to the White House.
The U.S. is the only nation among the G-7 to have faced a threat to its representative democracy in modern times — from its own sitting president.
"Donald Trump rocked Europe so hard," the "Daily Show" comedian quipped.
National security adviser Jake Sullivan acknowledged the president's gaffe hours later but not before it drew scrutiny from some viewers.
Biden, who is in the U.K. for the Group of Seven leaders summit, is the 13th American president to meet the monarch.
White House official said Biden wants G-7 leaders to speak in a single voice against forced labor practices targeting Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities.
A solar eclipse, the G-7 summit and a U.S. border crossing round out this week's most stunning images.