Gabby Giffords

The former Arizona congresswoman and shooting survivor demands that Mitch McConnell hold a vote on the gun legislation the House passed earlier this year.
The Giffords Law Center says the NRA illegally coordinated campaign spending with Republicans and the FEC failed to act on it.
While some Democrats call for stronger gun control legislation following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, gunmakers are seeing their stocks rise.
Advocates like it, but the NRA says there's nothing to see here.
The poster shows bullet holes around a portrait of Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.), who is in a close race against the five-term senator.
“Speaking is difficult for me," Giffords said. "But come January, I want to say these two words: ‘Madame President.’”
Several years ago after the Newtown massacre, when Adam Lanza took his rage out on a classroom defenseless students and teachers, I wrote a piece castigating a number of Democratic Senators who dug their heads into the sand and refused to close basic background check loopholes.
Gabby Giffords' group is calling out the GOP senator for misleading people.
Last month Axelrod authoritatively declared a new piece of political conventional wisdom; Gun Violence Prevention is a winning political platform.
Since the Newtown massacre, at least 18 states have enacted bills to keep guns away from domestic abusers.
She sees Clinton as the only candidate willing to stick it to the gun lobby.
Last week President Obama took modest, but politically courageous, executive actions on guns. Despite the well-established popularity of strengthening background checks, the move was panned by the Republican Speaker and most Republican Presidential candidates. But there is far more to the contentious debate on guns than simply a favor/oppose question on any one policy, and more than discussions of a "gun culture" that gun law advocates supposedly don't get.
She called Clinton the only candidate who "has the determination and toughness to stand up to the corporate gun lobby."