Gabe Watson

SEE KEY EVENTS FROM THE "HONEYMOON SCUBA DEATH" TIMELINE "He told me that I needed to realize that he had his time in Australia
In a potentially ominous conversation, Watson spoke to Phillips about his wife's life insurance policy. Two weeks after she
Dr. Doug Milsap testified for the prosecution that Watson told him two stories about how Tina died -- neither of which he
Watson is charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors in his home state say he drowned his wife on their honeymoon to collect
Oct. 22, 2003 The couple go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef's historic Yongala dive site. Tina dies in what Watson
The Alabama attorney general's office alleges that Watson turned off Tina's air supply and restrained her as she struggled
Witnesses from as far away as Australia have been subpoenaed, but it's unclear if they will make the trip. The trial is expected