Gamal Mubarak

As we drove there, the revolutionaries discussed their fear of disclosing their identities lest they be arrested. But I had been assured by the prime minister that they would be safe. I trusted him to keep to his word, and my confidence had grown since the snipers had stopped shooting the previous night.
Egypt has witnessed rare street anti-government protests before the anniversary of the popular revolt that ended three decades
Egyptian media continue to reel from news of mega-corruption permeating the ranks of former officials from the government of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, with key figures jailed and awaiting trial.
The ax is falling and heads are rolling in Egyptian media to rid once stodgy state-run organizations of deadwood noted for hampering professional and balanced news reporting.
In Tahrir Square, the feeling came over me: Egypt is another Iran. I don't mean in the sense that Egypt's revolution will bring a radical, Islamist regime into power.
Largely through Mubarak's two sons, Gamal and Alaa, the family controls a network of companies that earn money through concessions
Wael Ghonim's honor and honesty stands in stark contrast to the callow smear campaign escalated this week by the Mubarak regime against Tahrir Square's democracy protesters.
That's what I came to talk with you about. Normally I leave the diplomacy stuff to my sister Sue Storm Richards, the Invisible
I believe the Egyptian people have won a huge battle, and are on the verge of winning what has turned into a war. Egyptians today are not comparable to Egyptians on the morning of January 25.
If Hosni Mubarak were logging into Craiglist these days, it might look something like this. Click on image to make it larger
As always, finding the potential for comedy in the midst of an ongoing tragedy is as difficult as it is dangerous. Fred Armisen
Arab youth are demonstrating against their old authoritarian regimes in masses for the first time in recent history. Murmurs abound that Mubarak's regime is in its final throes, and repeatedly cracking down on protest are signs of the beginning of the end.
Despite all the U.S. has done for Egypt, it may not matter what we say or do in the long run. Events are running at warp speed... too fast for Washington.
As unexciting as the results are likely to be, the elections are important for other reasons, particularly for what they tell us about the critical players in Egypt's uncertain future.
Noted, controversial media figures critical of the Egyptian regime are being sacked ahead of legislative elections in November.
As currently structured, this latest peace process really does resemble the movie that we've seen before -- the one with the unhappy ending.
المفاجأة الحقيقة كانت في إسم الشخصية العربية التالية والتي تظهر في القائمة أيضا للمرة الأولى وتحتل المركز الثامن عشر بفارق
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is visiting Washington for the first time in five years for talks with President Obama. But
If Obama doesn't deliver significantly, disillusionment and anti-Americanism will increase among the very people who were euphoric at his election.