Gavin Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has urged Californians to cut water use by 15%.
At least 126,000 gallons of crude spilled into the waters off Orange County a week ago.
"We need to grow up, grow out of this dependency, this mindset that we can’t do more," Democrat Gavin Newsom said.
Black women are six times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women in California.
One of the new laws will allow the state to decertify police over misconduct, essentially banning them from law enforcement.
The new law also makes fashion brands more accountable for wage theft committed by subcontractors in L.A. garment factories.
AB 701, which is the first legislation of its kind in the country, is meant to protect workers from being penalized for taking breaks or using the bathroom.
Newsom, his wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom and their other two children had since tested negative for COVID-19, according to the Governor's office.
"We need to stiffen our spines and lean into keeping people safe and healthy," California Gov. Gavin Newsom said after prevailing in an attempt to recall him.