Palestinian Territories

President Joe Biden is visiting Palestinian leaders in the West Bank at a time when there's little chance of reviving peace talks with Israel.
The well-known Palestinian veteran reporter, who was also a U.S. citizen, was known for covering the harsh realities of Israel's military occupation for decades.
The rare 4,500-year-old stone sculpture is of Anat, the goddess of love, beauty, and war in the Canaanite mythology,
As President Joe Biden stays silent on cease-fire between Israel and militant group Hamas, dozens of Senate Democrats are calling for a temporary halt of violence.
The court ruled that four families who were slated to be forcibly removed from their east Jerusalem homes and land can remain for the time being.
The State Department says it supports an investigation into the death of 80-year-old Omar Asaad, who was arrested by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank.
The prisoners escaped through a tunnel from the Gilboa prison, one of Israel's most secure facilities.
The ice cream company said it was going to stop sales in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, saying these were “inconsistent with our values.”
The strikes came after Palestinian activists sent incendiary balloons into Israel for a third day.
The attack follows 11 days of Israeli airstrikes in May that destroyed Gaza, displacing families and killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians.