Palestinian Territories

The senator said Friday that “this wholesale slaughter” of Palestinians "makes my stomach turn" and urged the U.S. to stop funding it.
The airdrop is expected to be the first of many announced by President Joe Biden on Friday.
The sinking comes as shipping through the crucial waterway for cargo and energy shipments moving from Asia and the Middle East to Europe has been affected by the Houthi attacks.
Biden said the air drops will begin in the “coming days.”
The president stopped short of condemning Israel for killing over 100 starving Palestinians, and walked back his estimated Monday deadline for a truce.
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told Congress Thursday that Israeli forces had killed 25,000 women and children, but the Pentagon then said Austin was citing Gaza health ministry numbers on the total number of Palestinians killed.
The Democratic congresswoman from Michigan said discouraged voters should not stay home in the fall.
Gaza’s Health Ministry says at least 100 people were killed after Israeli troops fired on a crowd of Palestinians waiting for humanitarian aid.
After winning a German film festival award, documentary directors faced backlash for their speech.
Currently, only international reporters escorted by the Israeli military have been allowed to enter Gaza.