Gaza Blockade

I am still hopeful that one day my family can be made whole again and I can see my parents and siblings without having to be humiliated or risking being stuck in Gaza away from my work and my home here in the U.S.
Israel has expanded Palestinians' permitted fishing zone, raising hopes for the poverty-stricken mariners.
I am very appreciative that the European Union, under your leadership, has begun to do what my own country will never do: Apply real, bottom-line pressure to Israel.
As restrictions on imports and exports continue, local designers are finding ways to produce dresses in Gaza.
My situation is not unique. People coming from the Gulf and Europe to visit their families in Gaza lose their jobs, scholarships, or miss their classes -- all for wanting to see a sick parent or meet a new family member.
Last year's war displaced half a million people and left parts of Gaza in ruins.
As expected, Freedom Flotilla III ended last week as it was intercepted by the Israeli Navy in international waters -- a piratical and aggressive act against a ship solely carrying the flag of another state, Sweden.
The #FreedomFlotilla III sailing to challenge the Gaza blockade is providing an excellent opportunity to expose the true face of anti-democratic, pro-occupation political actors in international media.