Genital Mutilation

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Another day, another round of uncritical media coverage of an empirical study about circumcision and sexual function. With respect to the specific question of "sensitivity," the latest findings are a lot less definitive than media reports are making them out to be
Here is another entry from a translation of the recently discovered Diary of Moses, originally scratched onto sheep's skin in a steady ornamental hand.
Here is a translation from the recently discovered Diary of Moses, originally scratched onto sheep's skin in a steady ornamental hand.
Authorities say Barbara Pulliam and the victim had a "relationship of sorts."
The murder suspect then allegedly grabbed a pair of heated tongs, which authorities say he used to burn the medicine supplier's
A reasonable society should not have to indoctrinate its children; its children should discover and choose religious paths for themselves when they become adults, if they are to choose one at all.
Working with The Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development (FORWARD), an organization committed to promoting
ATLANTA — Last summer, an American-born teenager of Somali descent fled her parents’ home in a suburb here after she discovered
When we change the culture of violence against women into an attitude of respect and appreciation, we enable them to unleash their potential as leaders of a new future.
I have been deeply moved by two men I know, both of whom believe in women, hate the violence perpetrated against them and are doing something about it. One is a respected Silicon Valley investor, and the other is a village chief in Senegal.
Whether you call it mutilation or circumcision, this crime has no place in any corner of our world. And what people call it is not just merely an exercise in rhetoric.
Egypt's public prosecutor referred leading political activist Ahmed Maher for trial on Thursday on charges that include protesting without permission, a judicial official said.
Egypt is now the worst country for women's rights in the Arab world, according to a poll of gender experts.
In 2007, an estimated 66,000 women in England and in Wales had undergone FGM and over 24,000 girls under 15 were potentially
Approaching shoppers with the petition supporting FGM, she told them she wanted to protect her  “culture, traditions and
Of the different terms used in the West, at least "female circumcision" should be abandoned. At best, it is inaccurate. At worst, it inches the practice into the realm of the medicalized or sanitary, obscuring aspects that still undermine girls' and women's human rights.
"We used to talk about the harmful sides of FGM and for the longest time, no real change was observed in attitudes and in
Now, there are many reasons why I'm a failed Jew. But aside from the comedy value of those things, my main objection is the practice of the mutilation of young boys on a globally accepted level.