Joe Biden’s Secretary of State shared a heartfelt story of his step-father who survived the Holocaust.
Over 70 years after losing track of her friend, Ruth Brandspiegel heard Israel Eisenberg's name announced during a virtual synagogue service.
Friedrich Karl Berger admitted to serving as an armed guard at Neuengamme, a labor and death camp, in 1945. He now lives in Tennessee.
Sudan's transitional authorities have agreed to surrender all those wanted in connection with the Darfur conflict.
The San Francisco regional director of the Anti-Defamation League called the exhibit "deeply offensive and inappropriate."
"Please keep your hatred and judgment to yourselves," she wrote in the caption of a photo showing her children at the Berlin monument.
"Pretty sure we're on the right side of history if you're my opposition," she snapped after Gorka attacked her for saying migrants don't deserve mistreatment.
Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan were sentenced to life in prison.
Kristallnacht, known as “the night of broken glass” occured 80 years ago throughout Germany and Austria.
She points to the Pittsburgh synagogue slaughter in a plea for citizens to “vote for unity.”