Already accused of war crimes, Russia’s acts raise the question of whether it has crossed the line into genocide, even as Capitol Hill is reluctant to use the word.
A school district official in Texas is in hot water after telling teachers that Holocaust lessons should include “other perspectives.”
The president had previously condemned Russia for committing war crimes in its brutal invasion of Ukraine.
The Republican lawmaker said European nations should understand they are funding a "genocidal campaign" by continuing to import Russian energy.
Remarks from state Rep. Sarah Fowler Arthur were also seen as implying that students should learn about both sides of the Nazi Holocaust.
Boris Romanchenko, a 96-year-old Ukrainian who survived four concentration camps during the Holocaust, was killed by shelling on his home in Kharkiv.
In an emotional speech to the German Parliament, Ukraine's president advocated tearing down the "wall" in Europe between "freedom and slavery."
Goldberg apologized via social media late Monday for her statements on "The View" that day.
According to the meeting minutes, the board cited “rough, objectionable language” used in the book about the Holocaust.
Critics pointed out the problem with the Republican National Committee's tweet when compared to the actions of some members of its party.