“Hell is not hot enough for Chamath Palihapitiya,” one Uyghur refugee, Salih Hudayar, offered in response.
The Auschwitz Museum slammed Ohio Rep. Warren Davidson for exploiting the tragedy of millions of people.
Gertrude Pressburger became famous during Austria's 2016 presidential campaign after warning of the dangers of the far right.
Liz Claman tweeted details about Josef Mengele's evil history, saying "facts need to be stated."
The Auschwitz Museum said the Fox Nation host had blocked it on Twitter.
A school district official in Texas is in hot water after telling teachers that Holocaust lessons should include “other perspectives.”
A school district official in Texas is in hot water after telling teachers that Holocaust lessons should include “other prescriptives.”
The tweet has since been removed, but images of the meme remain.
Director Kentaro Kobayashi was dismissed after being accused of using the phrase, “Let’s play Holocaust” in his 1998 comedy act.
Alan Lagimodiere, Manitoba's newly minted minister of Indigenous reconciliation, was skewered by an opposition leader for defending "residential schools."
The Interior Department probe will identify Indigenous children who died at schools the U.S. government forced them into for assimilation into white culture.
“If you are learning about the Holocaust at almost 50 years of age, you’ve got a real problem," said Ana Navarro.
The Georgia Republican's comments came after intense bipartisan backlash for her efforts to compare pandemic-era public health guidelines to the Holocaust.
One Twitter user summed up the congresswoman's speech thusly, "I went to a museum and I realized a genocide is worse than wearing masks."
Mitch McConnell also bashed the conspiracy-loving congresswoman's remarks as "reprehensible."
The conspiracy-loving lawmaker has a thing for Nazi references and defying public health guidance.
Several Republicans are slamming Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust.
President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to make human rights a central guidepost of his foreign policy.
Survivors have felt insecure during the coronavirus pandemic, according to vaccine drive organizer Erika Jakubovits. "We owe this to them."
Joe Biden’s Secretary of State shared a heartfelt story of his step-father who survived the Holocaust.