Fulgence Kayishema is linked to the killing of some 2,000 people.
Letter from scholars and experts on the issue say it meets the criteria, while the U.S. has cited it only as “crimes against humanity.”
The freshman lawmaker is the latest conservative to swing and miss in trying to connect a recent event to the Nazi effort to exterminate Jews.
Multiple Ye-themed internet communities have criticized the rapper for his recent antisemitic remarks and praise for Adolf Hitler.
Researchers from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have concluded that over 40,000 Nazi camps and ghettos existed, far larger than previously believed. Geoffry Megargee and Dr. Martin Dean join Abby to discuss.
Already accused of war crimes, Russia’s acts raise the question of whether it has crossed the line into genocide, even as Capitol Hill is reluctant to use the word.
A school district official in Texas is in hot water after telling teachers that Holocaust lessons should include “other perspectives.”
The president had previously condemned Russia for committing war crimes in its brutal invasion of Ukraine.
The Republican lawmaker said European nations should understand they are funding a "genocidal campaign" by continuing to import Russian energy.
Remarks from state Rep. Sarah Fowler Arthur were also seen as implying that students should learn about both sides of the Nazi Holocaust.