George Bush

The former presidents' “Celebrating America” segment called for bipartisan cooperation after Donald Trump skipped out on Joe Biden's swearing-in.
The 43rd president credited the South Carolina Democrat for helping bring about an end to the Trump era.
The daughter of former President George W. Bush said she had "faith that our country will be better" after Wednesday's Capitol Hill siege.
The former Republican president expressed “disbelief and dismay” at the violence that erupted in Washington.
"Put your antibodies where your mouth is," the late night comedian urged the former presidents, who've promised to take a vaccine once officials deem it safe.
It's been more than 10 years since there's been a cat in the White House.
"We need less hyper partisanship on backgrounds at this time for our country," said Bush as his party tries to pull the rug out from under the election.
Bush graciously did "all he could" to ease the transition between administrations, Obama wrote in "A Promised Land."
The 43rd president called Joe Biden a "good man" and offered him "prayers for his success."
Throughout the campaign, Trump resorted to a familiar strategy in order to force a choice between order and rule of law.