George Conway

"You could just take one-tenth of this and you have a case that’s airtight," said Conway, a conservative attorney and longtime Trump critic, of the indictment.
"It’s gonna be sooner rather than later," the conservative attorney said on MSNBC.
The conservative attorney slammed the former president as a “nihilistic moron" whose undoing could come "for something so stupid and pointless and silly."
The conservative attorney says "the obstruction case is just so strong.”
The conservative attorney said Trump is a "recidivist criminal" who has "committed fraud all of his life."
The former Trump adviser and the frequent Trump critic have expressed contrasting political views in recent years.
"Let's just let him play with fire again," the attorney said of the company's decision to let the former president back on its social media platforms.
The conservative attorney pointed out the "huge difference" between the Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Joe Biden discoveries of sensitive materials.
Republican House extremists will be upping the stakes as they compete for attention in a crowded field, the conservative attorney warned.
The conservative attorney said a federal judge's ruling will be critical evidence for Georgia prosecutors.