George W Bush

"We need less hyper partisanship on backgrounds at this time for our country," said Bush as his party tries to pull the rug out from under the election.
Bush graciously did "all he could" to ease the transition between administrations, Obama wrote in "A Promised Land."
The 43rd president called Joe Biden a "good man" and offered him "prayers for his success."
Throughout the campaign, Trump resorted to a familiar strategy in order to force a choice between order and rule of law.
The multi-faith group called on public officials to commit to a peaceful transition of power or continuation of leadership based on legitimate election results.
David Frum warned Americans to "be ready for more" if Trump wins the 2020 election.
Climate change has been a topic of presidential (and vice presidential) debate for decades yet, it seems the same basic points are being litigated in 2020.
When the Supreme Court handed George W. Bush the White House, Jennifer Berdahl knew democracy was broken.
George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and other household GOP names won't have anything to do with this year's Republican National Convention.
Speaking to Andy Cohen, the Texas-born singer-songwriter said she's reconsidered her opinion of Bush given the current president.