George W Bush

The focus now shifts to the Republican-controlled House, where Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been noncommittal.
Back in the day. Sean Spicer had an even more important job at the White House than press secretary. In 2008, he oversaw the annual Egg Roll - dressed as the Easter Bunny.
"I miss killing Iraqis," tweeted the fake George W. Bush account as a critique on Elon Musk's $8-a-month verification process.
The comedian also did his “Saturday Night Live” impression of the former president to his daughter Jenna Hager Bush.
The tradition of having the current president host the unveiling of a former president's portrait last happened with Obama hosted George W. Bush in 2012.
Bush tried hard to run away from his family name, but it wasn't enough.
The "Late Night" host said the former president's slip-up was "designed in a lab."
Former President George W. Bush dropped a clanger for the ages when he accidentally criticized the man who launched the “brutal invasion of Iraq” … himself.
The former president blamed his age when he mistakenly referenced Iraq instead of Ukraine while addressing Russia's invasion.
The portraits of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush are back on display in the White House after Donald Trump removed them during his administration.