Georgia's secretary of state called out David for mocking the state's strict regulations around polling places.
Trillions of evolution’s bizarro wonders, red-eyed periodical cicadas, are about to emerge in numbers not seen in decades and possibly centuries.
Georgia Republican official Brian Pritchard must pay a $5,000 fine.
Lawyers for Trump argued that the charges in the Georgia election interference case seek to criminalize speech that is protected by the First Amendment.
Trevor Etienne's arrest added to a long list of Bulldogs players in recent traffic stops and worse.
The Fulton County prosecutor denied feeling any embarrassment for her conduct, saying, "I don’t think my reputation needs to be reclaimed."
If it survives legal challenges, the legislation would bar companies from receiving state subsidies after voluntarily recognizing their workers’ union.
Willie Pye was convicted for murdering his ex-girlfriend and committing other crimes nearly three decades ago.
It’s now up to the appeals court to decide whether the court will hear it.
The body of Cairo Jordan was discovered in a wooded area of Indiana in 2022.