Travis Moya said he was left "disfigured" and traumatized by the 2021 encounter with Michael Esposito in Georgia.
Brianna Grier's family alleges that police "caused injury to her head and brain and ultimately caused her death."
Karima Jiwani is accused of attempt to commit murder in the case of "Baby India," a newborn discovered in the Georgia woods in 2019.
The former president outlandishly denied pressuring a Georgia official to "find" votes despite the audio evidence.
The Bulldogs cited a scheduling conflict for not attending “College Athlete Day."
A coroner says four people have been killed in the south Georgia city of Moultrie, including a fast food worker and two relatives of a gunman who took his own life.
Emails show the former Senate candidate had a high-profile donor send money straight to his LLC.
The prosecutor who is investigating whether Donald Trump illegally meddled in the 2020 election in Georgia says she expects to announce charging decisions in the case this summer and is urging “heightened security.”
Help began pouring into one of the country's poorest regions after a deadly tornado tore a path of destruction in the Mississippi Delta.
The big cats were among several animals that had their enclosures breached after the Pine Mountain park said it sustained “extensive tornado damage."