Scientists who have monitored numerous outbreaks of monkeypox in Africa say they are baffled by the disease’s recent spread in Europe and North America.
Authorities in Walldorf have ordered some cat owners to keep their pets indoors until the end of August, to protect the crested lark during its breeding season.
The popular beer festival will be held without restrictions from Sept. 17 to Oct. 3.
The 60-year-old man, who sold the vaccination cards to people refusing to get inoculated, is currently under investigation by authorities.
A panel of intersex community members join Ahmed to talk about why gender reassignment surgery can wait.
In an emotional speech to the German Parliament, Ukraine's president advocated tearing down the "wall" in Europe between "freedom and slavery."
The price of oil surged past $130 per barrel as the U.S. signalled it could ban crude imports from Russia.
"What Russia is doing in Ukraine is slaughtering innocent children, women and men for its own gain," the German Embassy in South Africa tweeted.
Valery Gergiev was fired as chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic for supporting Putin and not rejecting the invasion of Ukraine, officials said.
Germany was blocking a Dutch shipment of German-made anti-tank weapons.