There's a lot of information we still don't have about COVID-19.
Merkel will continue her duties from home after having contact with a doctor who later tested positive for the coronavirus, a spokesperson said.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the majority of the country could become infected and said her priority is to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
The U.S. envoy to Germany will step down when the Senate confirms a permanent national intelligence director, the White House said.
The suspect and his mother were also found dead at home after the shootings at two hookah bars in the western German city of Hanau.
Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, replaces Joseph Maguire as the acting head of intelligence.
Germany will hold its next general election in fall 2021 and Merkel, who has led the country for 15 years, has said she will not run for a fifth term as chancellor.
Dignitaries from the U.S., Russia, France, and other nations are attending a forum this week at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.
Leslie Wiser founded Radical Family Farms to explore her own biracial identity. She wanted to provide a space to grow the Asian and German heritage vegetables that her grandparents missed when they moved to America. What she didn’t expect was that the farm would become a pillar of community for other Asian-Americans who had a similar longing in their lives.
"You should've taken it as a compliment dick," Carter wrote when an artist from Berlin said the singer used a picture of his work without attribution or permission.
A diver dressed as St. Nick was joined by one dressed as an angel to give 5,000 sea creatures some holiday cheer.
Workers at a distribution center in Berlin, Germany, protested Amazon's working conditions and pay on one of the online retailer's busiest days of the year.
Bruno Dey, 93, has complained that his trial in Germany is destroying his final years.
As the country reflects on the wall's historic toppling, German leaders have warned that democracy continues to be "challenged" -- and must be defended.
"Mike Pompeo speaking about how walls are cruel is like watching a shark say the sight of blood makes it faint."
Rabbi Jeremy Borovitz was inside Halle's synagogue during a Yom Kippur attack. He's still optimistic about the resurgence of Jewish life in Germany.
The Yom Kippur attack on a Halle synagogue has renewed concerns about rising far-right extremism and anti-Semitism in Germany.
The gunman accused of killing two people outside a Halle synagogue was using homemade firearms — a far cry from military-style weaponry common in the U.S.
Two are dead and at least two are wounded after a shooting near a synagogue where dozens of worshippers were observing Yom Kippur.
A shooter tried to storm a packed synagogue during Yom Kippur worship services, officials said.