Demonstrators in Germany declared that "the end of the pandemic" is here.
Coronavirus outbreaks in Australia and Europe highlight how the shift from broad national restrictions to specific local lockdowns hits poor communities hardest.
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in London, Berlin and Copenhagen over the weekend, chanting "Black lives matter" and "say his name."
Saturn the alligator was once a resident of the Berlin Zoo until the facility was destroyed in a bombing raid during World War II.
Decades of poor policy choices and neglect of government agencies have left the U.S. ill-equipped to handle this crisis.
Through aggressive testing, Germany and South Korea avoided some of the pandemic’s worst effects. Now they may provide a model for how countries can safely exit lockdowns.
Though European countries are reopening from lockdown in stages, it's clear returning to normal will be a long and dispiriting process.
The four men -- all reportedly citizens of Tajikistan -- were arrested on Wednesday in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
There's a lot of information we still don't have about COVID-19.
Merkel will continue her duties from home after having contact with a doctor who later tested positive for the coronavirus, a spokesperson said.