The House Speaker “didn’t just make arrangements to send me back," Omar wrote, "she went back with me."
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There was a wave of passionate reactions across the media and Washington in response to Trump’s comments on “shithole countries.”
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Higher temperatures and low humidity could harm cocoa production in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, which produce 50% of the world’s cocoa.
She asked for prayers for her son and “all suffering from this debilitating disease called depression.”
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Criminal networks defraud lonely people around the world with false promises of love and romance.
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For Esenam Amuzu’s peers in Ghana, teen pregnancy, gender-based violence and risky sexual behavior are often the norm. On
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The outspoken football player explored the contradictions of the Fourth of July for black Americans.
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2. Pay attention, because trafficking may be closer than you think. Before Ima Matul became a Survivor Coordinator at CAST
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“Belinda Baidoo Model Search Africa" recently wrapped up its first season.
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Ocloo was a business pioneer and champion of low-income women.
The Institutionalizing Community Health Conference 2017 has a number of interesting sessions on community-based human resources
They likely don't work, and the materials could be hazardous, officials warn.