Global Poverty

A new economic system is needed to tackle rampant inequality, says a new Oxfam report.
Nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day.
Ghana, long viewed as an economic success story and a model in political stability, is beset by a similar economic crisis
2. The Promise of Information Communications Technology Each year, Lutheran World Relief's Early Warning Forecast singles
By Bill O'Keefe Donors to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) know their gifts improve the lives of millions of people in over
None of this is to suggest that António Guterres of Portugal - a "developed country" - is incapable of being a healer. But
My work in empowering youth began when I was working with street children in Mumbai. I noticed many of them were creative
In August 2016, One World Children's Fund, ACODEV and the African Diaspora Network convened the first Grassroots Forward meeting and workshop in Kampala, Uganda. More than 50 participants from over 10 countries across Africa spent the day together to discuss how we can push Grassroots Forward.
What will it take to achieve the bold, 2030 global agenda--the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)--adopted one year ago?
The conventional map of Africa's development path went more or less like this: transfers of capital and technology would ease people out of farming and into factory jobs around cities, while income from the extraction of oil, gas, and minerals would help governments pay for education, health, and infrastructure.