Gloria Cain

As 2011 comes to a close, and the Republican primary season gets ready to begin in earnest, I am so grateful that former Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, is no longer running.
The news comes in the wake of Cain being accused of having an extramarital affair and sexual harassment charges from more
"I know that travel was involved and I know that sex was involved," White said. "I would never lie about that... I think
Meanwhile, "Women For Herman Cain" launched Friday and Gloria is listed as the group's National Chairperson. The site uses
A Des Moines Register poll released Friday showed Cain's support plummeting, with backing from 8 percent of Republican caucusgoers
Here are the women who have been linked to Cain: In Iowa, Cain's state chairman, Steve Grubbs, said he was preparing a busy
"This is why we are reassessing and the answer is yes, it is constantly weighing on me and my family, especially my family
On Oct. 31 Politico reported that two women had filed sexual harassment claims against Republican presidential candidate
Cain told his staff on Tuesday that he is reassessing his candidacy in the wake of the allegations and will make a decision
Meet Ginger and the other women allegedly involved with Cain below: Cain's Iowa campaign chairman, Steve Grubbs, told the